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The surplus power available from TSTPP beyond year 2005 is calculated. Also the possibilities of different pumped storage schemes in and around Talcher STPP are identified. In this respect the idea for five different schemes are conceived. The first three schemes are based at the Rengali Hydro Electric Power project. The first scheme is a pumpback one with the existing reservoir as the upper pool and the lower pool is to be constructed on the river bed at the side of the 5*50MW powerhouse of OHPC. The second scheme has separate pump arrangement to pump water from the reservoir to a higher elevation upper pool that will be constructed by embankment construction of joining the nearby hills. The third scheme is a pumpback arrangement with the reservoir as the lower pool and a higher elevation upper pool will be constructed through embankment by joining the nearby hills. The fourth scheme is having its lower pool is the soon-to-be abandoned underground mines of Deulbera colliery of MCL. The lower pool of the fifth scheme is at the abandoned underground mines of Handidhua colliery of MCL. Then the feasibility study of the schemes is done. Major components for different pumped storage schemes are then designed. Calculation of the cost benefit analysis for each of the different possible schemes is done. The mine based schemes were found better in this respect, the being the best in this regard. Not far behind is the fifth scheme that is based at the Handidhua underground mines.

In the environmental impact study it is found that the least lucrative second and third schemes use about ten square kilometer of prime forestland also. The first scheme that is based at the Rengali Hydro Electric Power project will also affect the freshwater ecosystem and may affect the fish production from the area. But the mine-based schemes have the least impact on environment. It was also found that to make any scheme financially viable, the ratio of the peak power cost and the off peak power cost has to be a minimum of about 2 to earn a rate of return of 12%.

* Mr. S.C.Prusty is working as Supdt (O&M-AHP) in Talcher Thermal Power Station of NTPC. His communication address is Talcher Thermal Power Station, P.O. Talcher Thermal, Distt.-Angul -759101 (Orissa).
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