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Sushuma Kumari*

With restructuring of power industry and adaptation to open access power trading to introduce competition in the market place, there is a need to address the technical changes required for successful operation. One major technical area that needs to be addressed is Automatic generation control (AGC).

This thesis deals with optimum selection of integral controller gain parameter in the design of an appropriate governor for Automatic Generation Control of an interconnected power system in deregulated environment. The simulation study has been done for a two-area non-reheat/reheat thermal turbine system in deregulated power system. The optimization of controller gain is done using conventional Integral square error (ISE) technique. Effect of variation of weighting factor associated with frequency deviation and tie power flow deviation on optimum gain settings and performance index has been studied. While optimizing the controller gain parameter, the nonlinearity associated with turbine system i.e, generation rate constraint (GRC) has been included in the simulation study. Simulation study has revealed that with change in contract agreement i.e, with change in Disco participation matrix (DPM), the optimum supplementary controller gain parameter needs to be recalculated.

Because of inherent characteristics of changing loads i.e, with change in Disco participation matrix (DPM) the integral controller gain parameter needs to be recalculated and so a fixed controller may not be suitable in all the operating point. Hence a new area load frequency controller i.e, hybrid controller, based on fuzzy logic has been proposed. The conventional integral controller has been augmented with fuzzy logic controller and the dynamic performance with hybrid controller is superior to the conventional integral controller.

The system study is done using MATLAB 6.5 and SIMULINK application package. The model of two-area system in deregulated power system has been developed in SIMULINK and various simulation studies have been done using the control toolboxes available with it.

* Ms. Sushuma Kumari is presently working as Manager (IT) in Farakka Super Thermal Power Station of NTPC. Her communication address is - Farakka Super Thermal Power Station, Farakka, Distt. Murshidabad (W.B.).
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