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The phenomenon of synchronous machine stability has received a great deal of attention in the past and is expected to receive increasing attention in the future also. The problem of dynamic stability in synchronous machine has been extensively studied in various literature and power system stabilizer in conjunction with excitation have long been recognized as an effective means of providing damping of low frequency oscillation in synchronous machine. The problem of synthesis of power system stabilizer in a multi machine system has received great deal of attention in recent years. In a multi machine system with several poorly damped modes of oscillation, several power system stabilizers have to be used.

This thesis deals with application of single input conventional and dual input power system stabilizer in single machine infinite bus bar system and application of single input conventional power system stabilizer in multi machine system.

Parameters of power system stabilizer are optimized using conventional technique. A linear dynamic model of a single machine infinite bus (SMIB) as well as multi machine power system has been developed in state space form. Phase compensation and root locus technique have been proposed for optimizing the parameters of PSS. The integral squared error technique has been used for optimizing the stabilizer gain of the PSS. Effect of variation of system parameters and operating conditions on dynamic performance of the system has been investigated. Performance of conventional power system stabilizer designed for multi machine system and SMIB system are found satisfactory.

* Mr.B.K.Mohanty is presently working as Manager (HR-EDC) in Farakka Super Thermal Power Station of NTPC. His communication address is - Farakka Super Thermal Power Station, Farakka, Distt. Murshidabad (W.B.).
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