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The control of synchronous motor drives involves the control of applied voltage /current and frequency. There are various control techniques available for the synchronous motor among, which Direct Torque Control is also one.

The Direct Torque Control Drives are high performance drives. Direct Torque control of a Synchronous motor involves direct control of the flux linkages and electromagnetic torque by application of either current or voltage optimum switching vectors.

The high efficiency and power factor control features of the Synchronous Motors are being utilized for high power drives and are realized with a controlled rectifier - voltage/current source inverter combination.

The topic of this work is simulation of direct torque control of synchronous motors. The SIMULINK / MATLAB has been used for developing and simulating the model. Attempt has been made to predict the electromagnetic torque and speed patterns of a Synchronous motor with a direct torque control scheme. The scheme requires identification of stator flux linkage vector position and selection of appropriate switching vector. S functions have been developed to meet the above requirements.

The complete response of the drive system has been studied for various dynamic operating conditions such as load change and change in reference speed. The drive has been modeled for both VSI and CSI fed schemes and the results have been presented.

* Mr. S. Badekar is presently working as Sr. Manager (OS - O&C) in Engineering Office Complex of NTPC at Noida. His communication address is Engineering Office Complex, NTPC, Sector-24, Noida (U.P.)-201301.
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