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Thermal power plants use coal as their main fuel for energy generation. There are various problem associated with coal combustion leading to loss in efficiency, and the major problem is the unburnt carbon in ash leading to significant heat loss from boiler. There are number of factors which influence this. Attempts have been made to focus the present work on same point which can be studied in the laboratory.

Through the present work it has been intended to study the problem of unburnt carbon loss from chemical kinetic point of view. On the basis of particle size and temperature variation, through experimental methods combustion characteristic of coal and char have been studied and the results were analyzed on the basis of progressive conversion of the materials. Combustion experiments were conducted using simple batch reaction technique and the more intricate thermo gravimetric (TGA) technique. Kinetic studies showing burning profiles with different particle sizes have been presented. These experimental results have been analyzed to draw useful conclusions, which help in understanding coal combustion in general and char combustion in particular. Mathematical modeling has been done to verify the experimental results.

Key words: coal, char, combustion, unburnt carbon, progressive conversion, unreacted core.

Mr.D.K.Gupta is presently working as Sr.Supdt.(O&M) in Farakka Super Thermal Power Station of NTPC. His communication address is – Farakka Super Thermal Power Station, Farakka, Distt. Murshidabad (W.B.).
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